Malachite Ring Green C


This beautiful Green Malachite Ring is perfect example of this lovely gemstone with the stripes and swirls in darker green colors.  The stone was cut, polished and completed by hand in Reno, Nevada USA.

This beautiful Malachite Green Ring is typical of this type of stone with the stripes in darker green colors.  This wonderful gemstone was cut, polished and completed in Reno, Nevada USA by hand.  This sides and back of this large ring are Fine Silver and are approximately 1–1/4″ x 1″.  The Sterling Silver Double Ring band is approximately size 11-1/2.  This ring really shows off the stripes and swirls of this real gemstone beautifully.  If you would like to make a complete set please check the pendants of this same stone.  To complete the ensemble, there are also necklace sets with this beautiful green Malachite gemstone.


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