About Our Jewelry

We like to show each jewelry item in as much detail as possible so you can see it from different angles.  

The shape and size of each stone determines what the stone will become, whether it will be a ring, pendant, bolo or other item.

We try to bring out the best of each item we create.

All items have Fine Silver on the back. The side bezels are either Sterling or Fine Silver.  The style of bezel is determined by the finished stone appearance and function.

Our Necklace Sets are also treated with the same care as our cut stones.  The colors, shapes and combinations help determine the style the completed set will have, whether it will be long, short, double or single.  All sets have matching earrings and some also have bracelets to match.

We try to keep our prices as low as possible, so putting items on sale, is not always possible.

Our Location

Reno Nevada USA
Email: mbaldwin@baldwinusa.com


Our experiences of traveling and living around the world have enabled us to learn more about what is available for us to work with in creating beautiful jewelry.


We do many craft shows throughout the year and travel frequently to find more stones to work with.  Items on our website are kept up to date and our emails are checked daily.  It is easy to buy from our website.

Email:  mbaldwin@baldwinusa.com

Phone:  775-850-1800