About Our Jewelry

All our jewelry items were Made in Reno Nevada USA.  The pictures on our website show each item as closely as possible, so it feels like you can actually touch and feel the stone and the Silver setting it has been placed in.  

When creating each piece, we study the raw stone to see the best part and where we should cut it.  Then we look for the best pattern each stone has to offer as we shape and polish it following the natural shape of each stone looking for patterns or colors that will make each completed item a beautiful piece of jewelry.

All Stones have their own personality, whether it is color, design or shape, and we try to bring out the best of each item we create.

Once the stones have been polished to their maximum beauty, we put  bezels on the sides of either Sterling Silver or Fine Silver.  The backs of everything make is Fine Silver. The style of bezel we give each polished stone is selected by what the stone has to show in its’ new silver “home”.  Then comes the decision whether it should be a pendant, ring, bolo, belt buckle or something else. Sometimes we are even be able to make matching items for a complete ensemble of perhaps a ring and pendant.  Even Belt Buckles or Hat Bands go together and can be completed with a pendant, ring or necklace set.  Whatever you select, you will be proud to own knowing everything was Made in USA with lots of love and care.

Our Location

Reno Nevada USA
Email: mbaldwin@baldwinusa.com


Our past careers have been varied, but making jewelry that everyone is proud to wear is a perfect activity for us.

Store Hours

We do not have a store, but we do many craft shows throughout the year and this website shows many items we have so you may browse around to see what we have and purchase the items you like.  We may be contacted best by email, as we do travel frequently.

Email:  mbaldwin@baldwinusa.com

Phone:  775-850-1800

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