About Our Jewelry

All our jewelry was Made in Reno Nevada USA.  The pictures show each item as closely as possible, so you feel like you can actually touch and feel each piece. 

When creating each item, we try to cut each stone following the best pattern or color it has to offer.  The finished stone determines what the completed item will be, such as a ring, pendant or other.

All Stones have their own personality, and we try to bring out the best of each item we create.

We give each stone a Fine Silver backing. The side bezels are either Sterling or Fine Silver.   Whatever item you select, you will be proud to own and pleased everything was Handmade in USA with lots of love and care.

Our Location

Reno Nevada USA
Email: mbaldwin@baldwinusa.com


Our careers have been wonderful and making jewelry that people are  proud to wear is a perfect activity for us.

Store Hours

We do not have a store, but we do many craft shows throughout the year.  Our website has many items so you may browse around as long as you want to find the perfect item for you.   As we travel frequently, the best contact is via email.  

Email:  mbaldwin@baldwinusa.com

Phone:  775-850-1800