Handcrafting Our Jewelry

We handcraft all our jewelry items in Reno Nevada USA.  When creating each piece, we study the raw stone to see the best way to cut it.  Once it is cut, we then look for the best pattern each stone has to offer before we polish and shape it.  We try to follow the natural shape of each pattern or color when doing the final polishing.

Every stone has its’ own personality and we try to bring that out with every piece we work with.

Once the stones have been completed they are ready to be finished with Silver to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of each one.  The biggest decision is what it should be made into – a pendant, ring, bolo or belt buckle.  If possible we will sometimes even be able to make matching pieces for a complete ensemble.

Our Location:
Reno, Nevada USA.

Craft Fairs

We do many craft shows during the year and are not in the office to receive calls.  The best way to contact us is by email or leave voice message on the phone.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Email: mbaldwin@baldwinusa.com

Typical Outdoor Craft Show
Typical Outdoor Craft Show Where we stand out as a quality exhibitor

Contact Us

Email: Mbaldwin@baldwinusa.com

Monday–Friday 9:00 am–5pm PST
Phone: 1-775-850-1800