Types of Products

We offer a variety of products that we have created in Reno, Nevada USA.  Our Pendants, Rings, Bolos, Belt Buckles and other such items have all been cut from natural or raw stones.  Some stones come from Nevada and other western states that we have mined and others come from around the world.  Nature has made so many wonderful colors and shapes, we have just tried to bring out the best of each stone.

We have agates, jades, jaspers, and opals to name a few of the more popular names of the types of stones.  All of these stones come in so many colors and shades of green, blue, orange, yellow, brown or black.  And among those colors are usually other colors mixed with them, creating a wonderful finished product.

When combining our cut stone products with necklaces we have created of the same or similar stones or colors, a wonderful ensemble can be made that is not only unique, but also one of a kind.

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