Agate Ring Gray White A


This Beautiful Agate Ring has Sterling Silver Bezel on the sides and is approximately size 9-1/2.  This long slender ring has transparent gray colors mixed with white and tan.

This beautiful Agate Ring shows how many colors can be put into one gemstone is such a small area.  This transparent gemstone has some gray, white, tan and a multitude of other colors that show up when you look at the ring in different angles.  This wonderful Agate stone was cut and polished by hand in Reno, Nevada USA.  This special larger ring is approximately 1-3/4″ x 3/4″ and has Sterling Silver Bezel on the sides.  The back is Fine Silver.  The Sterling Silver double ring band is approximately size 9-1/2.  It is always so much fun to look at completed rings to see what wonderful personalities they have.


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