Opal Pendant White Idaho A

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Beautiful opal from Idaho has clear crystals left in their natural form on each side separated by the tan stripe in the middle and beneath.  This is a very unique opal pendant that has the opal showing before and after all in one pendant.  This beautiful white and tan opal has sterling silver on the sides so the true gemstone may be enjoyed.

This beautiful White Opal Pendant is special and unique in many ways.  We mined it in Idaho, USA and cut and polished it in Reno, Nevada USA.  When we saw the opal looking like crystals, we left it as natural as we could so the clear opal crystals are surrounded by white and pink polished opal.  We got so excited when we saw it and we hope you will too.  This beautiful medium sized pendant is approximately 1-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ with Sterling Silver bezel on the sides.  The back is Fine Silver.  Opal is the birthstone for October.  If you would like a Sterling Silver Chain to go with it, please visit the Silver Necklace page on this website.

Dimensions 1 × .75 in


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