Opal Ring Black White Nevada E

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This unique real opal was mined in Nevada and cut, polished and completed in Reno NV USA by hand. The clear opal was given a black background to help highlight the white portion of the gemstone.

This is a unique opal ring that was mined in Nevada USA. The opal was completely clear with a white area so we put a black background under the opal and it created a beautiful black and white ring that emphasized each section. The opal is approximately 3/4″ x 3/4″ and has a Fine Silver Bezel on the sides and back. The ring size is approximately 7-1/2. We mined the stone in Nevada and cut, polished and completed it by hand in Reno, Nevada USA. If you would like a unique and one of a kind ring, this is certainly the one for you. We also have a pendant that matches, as it was also created the same way.

Dimensions .75 × .75 in