Opal Ring White Idaho K SOLD

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This is a beautiful white Opal Ring that we mined in Idaho and completed by hand in Reno, NV USA.  The opal has a hint of orange that makes the white stand out even more.  It is approximately size 7 ring.

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This is a perfect ring showing off the white opal that we mined in Idaho.  It has subtle coloring throughout the gemstone that has been highlighted with the Sterling Silver bezel on the sides.  The back is Fine Silver and the Ring Band is Sterling Silver.  We cut, polished and completed this beautiful gemstone by hand in Reno, Nevada USA and kept as much of the natural stone look as possible.  The opal is approximately 1″ x 3/4″ and the ring size is approximately size 7.  This lovely white opal ring has a hint of orange that really makes this a special one-of-a-kind ring that will be admired by everyone.