Spiney Oyster Pendants Group A

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A group of orange Spiney Oyster Pendants show how the colors and shapes can vary from the same type of natural shell.  These sharp shells were cut and polished by hand in Reno Nevada USA

This group of beautiful and unique Spiney Oyster Pendants were cut and polished by hand in Reno Nevada USA.  These pendants were created from very sharp spiney oyster shells and ended up as   beautiful pendants. The finished shell can be a very light orange or dark maroon color and sometimes just a hint of orange is left and the white shell shows up.  If there are holes created by nature, we kept them in as well. We have not shown all the possible Spiney Oyster Pendants we have in inventory but wanted to show a sample of the variety of colors and shapes that can be found.  All pendants have Fine Silver on the backs and either Sterling Silver or Fine silver bezels on the sides.

The second page gives the part numbers next to each item so you can find and order any or all of them.  If you see something you like, but it does not show up on the individual page, please send us an email and we will send you a picture of it.

Don’t forget to look at Rings and perhaps you will be able to make a beautiful ensemble.

We also have Sterling Silver Chains shown under Silver Necklaces and you will see a variety of styles and lengths to go with any of these beautiful orange Spiney Oyster Pendants.


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