Turquoise Pendants Group F

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Beautiful Blue Turquoise Pendants with solid colors highlighted with brown matrix at edges.  These real gemstones came from Tonopah, Nevada USA and were cut and polished in Reno, Nevada USA by hand.

This is a group of two Blue Turquoise Pendants that came from Tonopah, Nevada USA.  This group has two blue turquoise pendants that show a solid color with just a hint of brown matrix along the edges.  These beautiful pendants are both medium sized pendants.  The stones were all cut and polished by hand in Reno, Nevada USA.  As you look at this picture and the other groups of turquoise pendant pictures, you can see how so many of the same family of stones can still vary in color and shape and are often highlighted with other shades of colors.  We tried to capture as much personality as possible in each one when we cut and placed them in the Silver.  All pendants have Fine Silver on the backs. The bezels on the sides in this group are all Sterling or Fine Silver to bring out the best each stone has to offer.  We try to keep a variety of sizes and shapes, but sometimes that is difficult. Not all items are posted individually, so if there is a pendant you like that is not posted individually, please send an email and we will try to accommodate your request.  There might also be a pendant not shown in this group but could be listed separately.

The first page shows the pendants in a group and the next pages are closer views of the same pendants with Part Numbers so you can select which ones you would like to own for you or for a gift.

If you would like a Sterling Silver Chain to go with the pendant you order, please see our page of Silver Necklaces and you will find a large selection of styles and lengths.

Don’ forget to check out rings or other items that could really complete this pendant into a beautiful ensemble that everyone will be sure to notice and admire.


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